My Journey:  Art  & Life

       I'm a wife, mother, teacher, and an artist that derives my inspiration from nature, experimentation, and experience. I am truly an eclectic artist- as far as subject matter, medium, color scheme, style and type of art that I create. I love to experiment and mix all combinations- of both the elements and principles of art. I love teaching art, and inspiring art within people. I believe anyone can create art, and that art is such a natural and instinctual foundation for an outlet of emotions and thought for humans- so I like to inspire that creative channel within people. I love all kinds of art, and appreciate anyone that creates:  This thought process has been a driving force into my career as a teaching Artist.

       I earned my Bachelors of Art from Cameron University, and studied under passionate and very talented professors. I was constantly pushed to strive for quality and meaning in my Art; earning a degree from Cameron was the best decision in education that I ever made. I was lucky enough to also study under renowned Atelier Artist Juliette Aristides in a workshop that Cameron's Art department provided for all students. I had both of my babes while matriculation at Cameron. My daughter, Kira, was born 14 weeks pre-mature my final semester of college, and I had to live at the Neo-Natal unit in Oklahoma City while driving back and forth to Lawton- all the while setting up for my Senior Exhibition. I think this very stressful  and intense ending to my undergraduate degree was just a quick glimpse at the roller coaster of responsibility and fast-paced life I was about to jump into.  A year later my husband exited the Army and we moved back to Durant, OK, and I opened up an Art Center to teach Art, and help build a strong appreciation for Art in our Community. I am now very happy, and enjoy every moment of my ever-changing life. 

       Creating Art has always been an integral part of my life. Throughout my childhood I was constantly drawing aspects and subjects of nature and people for sheer enjoyment. Now that I am grown, I want to inspire those around me to create; because I am an Artist that believes that Art is for everyone- not just Artists who have always created out of natural interest, but also for people who have never had the confidence to try for fear of failure. Art is curative and can be fun for any level of experience, and I hope to inspire people to create.  My observations, feelings, and impressions are translated into my work derived from my personal photography, interests, feelings, thoughts, and memories. I want the viewer to feel the inner-most sensation that I feel when observing what I am painting, and I hope it resonates the astounding amount of joy and tranquility that painting brings to me. I love Art that ignites and arouses sensations- that strike memories or feeling of recognition to the viewer.

       If you look at my paintings you may see that some are clearly painted in differentiating styles; this is because of my curiosity as an Artist. I love trying out styles from my favorite Artists and Periods of Art, and constantly experience with mixtures of media. Art from the Renaissance through Modern periods: namely Italian Renaissance, Realism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Dada & Surrealism, Expressionism, & Abstract Expressionism have had a profound impact on my style choices in creating. Some of my favorite Artists are Monet, Van Gogh, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Edward Hopper, Caravaggio, Cezanne, Matisse, Durer, Da Vinci, Kandinsky, Degas, Max Ernst, Botticelli, Andy Goldsworthy, & Chuck Close: Just to name a few. :) Imitating my favorite Artists' styles are a part of not only my process, but that of every Artist since the beginning of Art. <3

Beth Ann Dennis